Our Genetic Code


We see the human in data. Marketing is no longer a game of intuition. By adding advanced analytics tracking to all marketing efforts, we ensure we have a deep understanding of your customers.

Systems Thinkers

Big picture dwellers, with microscopes on the important stuff. Our radical empathy and systems-thinking guides your business to drive changes in human behavior.


We don’t leave home without a road map. We implement the latest tools and technologies to make sure you are making the most of your resources.

High Achievers

We’re known for being overachievers who pride ourselves on unwavering honesty and integrity. We care about business results, not patting ourselves on the back.




We're a different kind of agency.

Our story.

The world of technology and people’s habits are constantly changing. Intuition primarily guides big strategic decisions. With the right infrastructure in place, there’s a better way to help make these decisions using actionable data and empirical evidence.
Archera was founded in 2021 in the heart of Boston, MA on the principles of trust, transparency, and service. We are research-savvy change drivers, looking to make our impact on the world.

Data-driven Innovators.

Our mission is to change the way we approach marketing: data-driven, based off current psychology research and technology behaviors. Our marketing strategies are compelled by the latest research and data-backed methods. We guide our clients to make decisions that will ultimately lead to the greatest ROI and improve their bottom line. We are available for both on-site and remote consultations.

Calah Hanson

Calah discovered how little changes can make big impacts on bottom lines. Since then, she decided to devote her professional career to helping companies be the best version of themselves.

A graduate of Stanford University, Calah studied how humans work (both mind and body) at the most fundamental level.
After producing impressive results as a Marketing Director, Calah founded a data-driven Marketing Consultancy in Boston, MA. Research-focused at her core, she has been lead Marketing Analyst for Fortune-500 companies.

In her spare time, she loves to nerd out on research articles on all topics (we’re not even kidding) and go on international motorcycle trips.

Some call us

Innovation drivers.







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