10 Tips to Attract Gen Z Clients

Gen Z’s interests can change as quickly as their memes can sour, making marketing to them seem unachievable. Innovative interaction is key when effectively connecting with this new generation.

Social Media Outreach
A prominent social media campaign is one of the most powerful ways to reach Gen Z. However, generating content on various social media platforms isn’t enough.

Gen Z follows brands with an established presence in their social network. Not only do brands need to spread awareness of their products and services, but they also must create Gen Z interest. Shares, content interaction, and positive feedback act as the metrics brands should use. This measures how engaged their followers are.

The social media channel(s) to utilize is your choice; however, research shows Snapchat, Instagram, and Tik Tok dominate Gen Z preference and use. Especially on these platforms, a strong yet accepted presence online will attract Gen Zers.
Content Creators
Because Gen Z trusts their social network, brand exposure via popular content creators and influencers furthers your message. This promotes outreach initiatives from a voice Gen Z trusts, giving brand messages a higher probability of impact. 
Email Campaigns
While most Gen Zers check their emails daily, email campaigns can both harm or help business goals. Emails to Gen Z should be a novelty, not a nuisance. Too many emails they deem unimportant or uninteresting could warrant unsubscribing.

For effective email campaigns, balancing frequency and quality of content will keep Gen Z engaged. Customizable delivery methods and concise messages will show respect for Gen Z’s time, intelligence, and preferences.
Deals and Promotions
Gen Z values deals and promotions as they begin to manage their finances. Combining the prospect of saving money with brand recognition can engage Gen Z, especially if they’re offered sign-on promotions. Loyalty programs are key in retaining their business and keeping their attention.

This demonstrates that Gen Z is becoming more money-conscious. Highlighting the need for physical banking through these promotions shows this generation you care about their money management. 
Inclusivity and Representation
For any content your company makes, it’s important to always keep your material inclusive and representative of Gen Z’s diversity.

What we love about Gen Z- it's not enough to just show inclusivity and must be genuine. Gen Z is no stranger to boycotts and to call you out when your claims of inclusivity are lining up with reality. Even if your intent is to focus on a specific demographic, it’s a requirement for this generation that your content is inclusive over multiple factors:

*Note: this list is not exhaustive
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Body Type
  • Disabilities
Actively maintaining this representation matters. Inclusivity should be an integral part of marketing strategy, seeing as it is a non-negotiable for this generation.

However, many businesses may face the concern of cancel culture when attempting to be inclusive. Gen Z harshly and publicly criticized “rainbow capitalism”—brands’ efforts to support LGBTQ+ community. These companies used queer stereotypes in hopes of relating to this community, but only further ostracized themselves.

While the idea was increased LGBTQ+ representation, inclusivity requires a deeper understanding of diverse groups. 
Options and Preferences
Giving Gen Z options tailored to their preferences is vital. This generation values versatility, so ensure your company offers varied products and services.
Fun and Informative
Content targeted towards Gen Z needs to keep a balance of fun and informative. Take caution of pandering, but remember to include relevant and relatable content. However, information overload will inhibit this generation from understanding your business. The right amount and quality of information will pique Gen Z’s desire to learn.
When creating interesting and engaging content to attract Gen Z, follow their current trends. Trends for this generation move quickly, but targeting a trend in its prime can foster Gen Z interaction and engagement.
Memes are even more fickle than the general trends Gen Z keeps up with. While some memes stay applicable, others become unpopular in a matter of hours.

Timing is everything when using memes. Since memes are essential components of Gen Z communication, use these references wisely.
Six second quips from Gen Z’s beloved Vine app became the cornerstone of their communication. Integrating these fun catchphrases remind Gen Z of Vine and create strong brand recognition. 

Marketing your business to younger clients requires learning how they communicate and what interests them most. Gen Z language can feel confusing and contradictory at times, but research, observation, and experience will help businesses attract this complex generation. Taking time to see what they post and support will be the best way to attract Gen Z clients.
Archera helps bank and finance executives make smarter marketing decisions by identifying marketing gaps, creating custom strategies to fill in those gaps, and making the most of their resources. By guiding companies to change their approach to marketing decisions, Archera implements a design-thinking, data-driven strategy based on current psychology research and technology behaviors.
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