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Marketing Analyst (Part-time)

Are you a Tableau wizard? We are looking for a self-driven, curious individual to plan and execute Tableau marketing dashboards. If you can turn a series of hard business and marketing questions into a Tableau dashboard reality, then you are a great fit for this role.

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- Fully remote

- You set your own schedule and manage your time to meet deadlines

- We are looking for someone with between 15 - 25 hours (average =16) of availability per week. We are more focused on results, not your time. This is an hourly, contract position.

- We believe in professional freedom. We try to limit meetings so you can keep flexibility within your schedule and work the way you want (in the timezone you want). We use a project management system to keep the team updated and projects moving forward.

- An environment with minimal supervision but all the resources you need to get your work done the right way.

- Our goal is to provide opportunities for you to succeed and grow. Let us know what kind of projects you like, and we can work on finding projects that will help propel your career path.


- You've made beautiful, advanced Tableau dashboards.

- You are comfortable with SQL, Python, Excel, and large marketing datasets.

- You'll be working with Google BigQuery but prior experience is not necessary (we love teaching!)

- You can manage your own time while still meeting hard deadlines. We believe in hiring the right people and not micromanaging.

- This role requires a strong ability to research and understand new technology and be comfortable with file-sharing systems. Our ideal individuals understands the power of a good Google search.

- You have experience working with internal and external partners to collect requirements and present analytical findings.

- Not sure you are 100% qualified but up for the challenge? We want you to apply. If you are passionate and up for the challenge, we can teach you the technical.


- You empower companies to make better decisions based on data.

- You get to work with top clients and inform their marketing efforts.


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