Case Study

A New Brand

A web design project turned into a much-needed brand overhaul & refresh.

The challenge:

Reach Educational Services needed a website. A new website turned into a brand refresh and marketing makeover. They had been lucky to be successful with little to no marketing, but they realized they were ready to grow larger. Their hiring force would also have to scale. They found themselves often bottlenecked at the employee level; it was hard to find and retain good employees. Luckily this was something smart marketing can help with.

The dive:

Diving in, we found that many clients do not use the reports that are created for them very regularly. There was a disconnect between reporting and usage. Why this disconnect? We used quantitate and qualitative research to answer this.

We also discovered that a competitor had the same exact name as them (Reach Educational Services), located in another major city. Their reviews were getting mixed up, and it was confusing. Their name also sounded more like an educational institution vs a reflection of their actual business. They needed a new brand name.

Their website was a hurricane of blinding pink and clashing colors. It was hectic, and outdated. This did not reflect their organized, professional business.

Their old website (homepage)

They needed a marketing strategy and plan of attack for dominating their industry field.

The rebrand:

  • Created a new, modern logo to replace their outdated logo (above)
  • New brand color palette that is aligned with their core customer (Cape Cod, beach-lovers)
  • Created Brand Guidelines for brand consistency
  • New, clean, & modern website optimized for conversions
  • Advised on brand naming strategies to develop a new company name
  • Developed Facebook and social channel strategies, while training their marketing team on these strategies and best practices
  • Developed newsletter and tactics to enhance their email contacts
  • Launched the new brand

The results:

A website that represents who they are as a company.

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