Case Study

An Analytics Makeover

Tasked to revamp a marketing agency's analytics efforts, a new problem was discovered: inefficient reporting practices & software. We developed a more effective, cost-saving solution - ultimately saving the company over $62k+ per year.

The challenge

A task to design a new analytics department and strategy for a marketing agency

The dive

Diving in, the discovery was that many clients do not read many of the analytics reports.

There was a disconnect between reporting and how it was being used. Clients were paying for reports they didn’t use, because they didn’t understand how to use it. Thus, they didn’t understand the value of analytics. They didn’t know how to read the graphs or understand the data. Even more so, they didn’t know how to make actionable strategies from it.

The reports were not catered to their needs, but rather “standardized.” This created for dull, useless reports with similar month-over-month information. Reports were missing KPIs and information that clients looked at daily – the ones their bosses cared about and judged their performance by.

The discovery

After interviewing internal teams and distributing surveys to develop a complete understanding of what was happening with this analytics deficiency, we worked together on understanding all points of views from different departments.

We learned that many internal team members did not grasp how data can help their clients make better, more informed decisions. They didn’t understand the value or the meaning. The agency was used to cranking out dense template-based reporting, so they didn’t understand the massive benefit analytics can bring to a client. If they didn’t understand how data-driven decisions can help a business, how can we expect their clients to understand?

After digging into the client-side, we learned many clients were not using the reports regularly. They were using very simple reports that were automatically emailed to them from their own internal system. The marketing agency’s reports were much more sophisticated, so why wouldn’t they use these instead?

On a day-to-day basis, clients were busy. They used reports to point out anomalies, red flags, or something in which they needed to direct their attention. They didn’t have time to look in-depth or at the big picture. They wanted to know if they were meeting the goals their boss set for them for the month. Reports were not designed with the user in mind. This is a primary reason it wasn’t being used.

There was a lack of communication between the agency and the clients regarding data. Clients were looking to the agency to generate useful reports, but no one knew what they cared about. Additionally, they weren’t teaching them how to use the reports or what KPIs are actually important to their campaigns.

While discovering this, many inefficiencies in the reporting itself was discovered. The agency was paying a third-party vendor to transport data from the customer side to a unified data warehouse. This was pricey, and they lacked full control over their data and structure. There was a cheaper, more efficient way to go about this.

The solution

Using quantitative and qualitative research, along with creative intuition, we were able to solve these issues. By refining their analytics offering, we could create pricing tiers to better fit the needs of the business.

A new data protocol using Google Big Query and a custom data solution that feeds their data into Tableau gave the client more agency over their data, allowing for cleaner data. This solution alone ultimately saved their company over $62k per year.

After creating customized Tableau reporting, their reporting is now more customized to the needs of the clients’ businesses. Which means happier and more informed clients.

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