Setting Nirmata apart as an industry
leader by utilizing a customer-centric approach.

The Challenge

Establishing Nirmata as the leading player in cloud native technologies.

If your site traffic doesn’t sell the visitors you get, getting more traffic is futile. Website visits are only a piece of the larger picture. The homepage must draw potential customers in and show them a solution for their pain points. Ultimately, conversions bring home the bacon - and we’re the experts at that.

The Discovery

Applying systems-theory to complex marketing systems

Used efficiently, a website can convert visitors to leads and to paying customers. Nirmata recognized this as an area for improvement and partnered with Archera for a homepage redesign. They wanted to better reflect their brand and value proposition to lead to higher conversions and establish their place as an industry leader. Their webpages were inconsistent and made it difficult to understand their offerings.

They chose Archera for our systems-driven approach to marketing because Nirmata understood how marketing could play a key role in future-proofing their market positioning. Nirmata offers solutions that enable enterprises to accelerate their cloud-native journey by helping them adopt Kubernetes.

With this in mind, their website needed to target different levels of technology professionals and align their solutions with a variety of challenges faced by each persona. The primary goals in this project included developing a homepage that crisply and succinctly articulates Nirmata’s value proposition in an impactful manner, designing an intuitive website layout with all necessary information for prospects to make a decision, and improving conversions and free trial requests.

Archera performed a deep-dive with Nirmata to fully understand their company vision, offerings, and desired outcomes. Through surveys, conversations, and data acquisition, a clear picture began to shine through.

The Solution

The team used this information to craft a homepage flow that would funnel prospective funnels to different calls-to-action placed strategically throughout. Our copywriters crafted messaging to articulate brand value and proposition in simple yet profound ways.

The outcome was a fresh, clean homepage that provided a clear picture for customers on the homepage - leading the way for increased conversions. The final homepage design was largely based on three major components:data, emotion, and value.


After an in-depth study of their current analytics, installing heat mapping, and analyzing site usage, we developed a data-driven design that would put the information potential customers cared about most in easy-to-view locations on the screen.

By enhancing the customer experience in this manner, this led to increased conversions. The next phase we recommended to Nirmata was to continue to collect data and run A/B testing to optimize the design for an even higher converting result in the future.


Emotions play an important role in decision making, even for businesses but are often underestimated and overlooked by marketers and business owners. Nirmata’s previous homepage invoked emotions of feeling overwhelmed and confused, creating a lacking user experience.

By studying their customer personas, Archera determined the emotions the website needed to convey were triumph and excellence - to show their customer they’ve finally arrived at their long sought-after solution.


Nirmata knew what value they could provide customers but weren’t properly communicating it, which can be a major pitfall for business success. Nirmata’s previous homepage lacked focus, had too many calls-to-action within a single frame, and didn’t intuitively guide viewers to important information. If a user isn’t able to quickly decipher the value then they can experience choice paralysis, which may result in them leaving the site and making no choice at all.

By simplifying and distilling the value in the site and components, it creates a hierarchy within the design to emphasize the most important things. An easy-to-use website creates a subconscious trust for customers to work with your business.


Nirmata enables enterprises to scale
Kubernetes the right way. By lowering the DevOps barrier
to entry, customers can adopt Kubernetes faster and
easier with a unified solution.

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Over 200 million Kyverno downloads.

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